Announcement & Change

It is a new chapter in my life and I am thrilled to announce the launch of my website and latest projects.  

byAmyGrace is the start of what is to come and I hope all of my readers and those who have followed my writing in the past will join me in the process of the growth this website will bring.

In a short while "Amy: With Intention" will be shut down and won't be accessible.  

Thank-you for all the support I have received through these posts and the journey of finding myself intentionally. 

Intentionally Produce

I took today to think over some things.  An artist-friends and  words came flooding to the surface of my memory.  In fact, they weren't too deep in the waters as I had just repeated them to another artist yesterday.

"My studio is empty.  I never keep my work in storage, canvases are gone as soon as they are made."

 I took note of her words then and now as I am processing this new year and the projects I am entering into I am realizing that I have to take this on with all things.  

All of us artists are scared shitless of the things that we delve into.  We do art because we have no other option.  It is: make the art, or to stop being who we are.

And that stopping?  That is as so easy.  It is a simple thing to take on the "Being responsible is having a 9-5 job."  It is easier to believe the: "Thats a huge risk...maybe you shouldn't." How many of those sentences have we heard as we grew into the creative human beings that we are?  

And now stuffed somewheres inside of a walking human body is that creative human.  

So I guess this is it... I spent 2013 on Adventures to figure out where I needed to be and what I really wanted to be doing, and well, when you ask God to show you what your passions are He doesn't give you an option to not see it.  

I was smacked in the face with writing, acting, dancing and singing.  All of the things I always wanted to invest in, but never felt free enough to admit it.  

You can start to admit something and then others around you will either 'support-you-fully' in a 'fake-go-do-it' but the moment you ask for help, their support dissolves.  You'll try to admit you want to do 'this' and someone will say its 'not practical, it won't pay the bills.' 

So now that I know.  Now that I know this is the year of fire.  The year where I am finally doing what I was made to do and don't have to climb out of some deep dark pit of 'labels' to do it.  

I will be producing my work and not keeping it.  I will be giving it, selling it producing it.  I won't be hoarding it away in a safe file where it stays forever.  

And honestly... that just makes a person cranky and useless.  Having a file full of work that collects dust.  

And sometimes it will be pretty mundane work that I shove out there into the atmosphere, and other times it will blow your mind.  

Either way.  

Intentionally Produce... 

Maybe I'll blog less to do this, or maybe I'll blog more.

My point...

 I'll be taking this work to a different level. 

Intentionally Loud

I found my voice.

It's scary for you.

There was a time I let you tell me who I was.  I let you all describe me as if I was a thing to be labeled, categorized and put on a shelf with other like things.

But here is the thing.

None of us were as we appeared.  And you have turned out in ways that I feel tricked even to recollect.

I feel disappointed to think of all of your 'assuming smiles' and 'well-said sentences'.  They were all well played and timed out cues that I wish, could have been real.  Authentic.  That thing between all of you and I could have been something real.  

Now that I have shed every inch of you, I have found that I could live and be and do.  

I can breathe and dance and sing and it doesn't relate to you.  It doesn't stem from a fake label or affection that dissapeares like fragile bubbles.

And they say that my success will be my noise.

So plug your ears.

I am unleashing a freedom-voice in my work that you will not be able to recover from.

A woman silenced is a woman condemned.
But a woman who finds her voice is a woman who will shake the world.

And I know that the panel of professionals who told me to trust my voice and let it out, saw the remaining scars you left me.

And a woman should be cherished and loved and told the truth.  

And now that I have a voice... you won't hear the last of me.  I may not be standing next to you or looking you in the eye, but my work will be my voice and it will ripple across time and space and into your hands.  




The Year On Fire

It is 2014 and everything is ablaze.

The year On Fire.

This is the year of walking into the fire and she doesn't flinch.  You think she was daring before?  The earth hasn't been shaken enough, hasn't been turned upside down enough.  There is so much more to do and this woman...this story woman, has finally witnessed what it means to be on fire.

Being on fire doesn't mean destruction.

It means life.

It means she is dropping everything you once saw her hold onto and plunging into a burning furnace that would consume you.  For the woman on fire doesn't get scared of the impossible... in fact, she just wants more!  

It started out as a tiny flickering flame, but when one holds a flame it only takes a second to be consumed and being the girl on fire is going to be a journey ablaze.

It will mean watching that girl you knew become a glory blazer.  A woman who will leave scorch marks wherever she walks by.

She walks on fire.

And those scorch marks...they aren't devastation.

They are the remains of truth...etched into you.

And that story that just came out on film...That Catching Fire Story.

The story that says 
"Remember who the real enemy is."

It is not by accident that it released right before this year.

That Catching Fire Story.

Those words... those words that leak out around you...

Pay attention.

Fire is everywhere

And the difference with this woman.

Is that she isn't just a writer.  She is on fire.

And an On Fire Writer has to be one of the most dangerous, explosive...inflammable storytellers known to mankind.

This is the year that Amy is On Fire. 

The Magical Destruction of Deception

 There is a project I am knee deep in.  And it is making me quake.  Anything worth doing and creating is something that is hard to discuss.  I can't put it in words, because honestly... I don't know yet.

I can barely attempt to explain it, because the moment I do, someone somewhere is muttering.  Murmuring, "this isn't worth your time... they won't understand. In fact...they won't support you.  They will tell you you are wasting your time."

Fear is the root of that voice and I will call it out right now.

I know who you are.

I may not be able to tell you here in this place what I am working on, but I can say... it is a theme that has ripped through the seams of our hearts.  The theme that wrecks havoc on our relationships and tears open our wounds like they never healed.

And it's a magical story.  Because the magic is all tricks... a side show to distract you from the truth.  And itsn't that what he wants?  

To distract us from something we should know.

We pay the fee to watch a magician and everyone of us who sits in this audience knows clearly and absolutely that we are all being deceived.  And we don't care that we are going out of our way to be entertained and lied to.  

WE DON'T even think twice of the price we paid. 

So can we not look at the brothers and sisters.  The friends and daughters, to the women who was pursued and wooed and find the magic that took them?  

What about that moment when two women attempt to sit down and the magicians screen of tricks is a film in front of ones eyes... the attempt to share and the attempt at truth denied.

"No.  I don't want to know the trick."  They reply "I would rather not know how he does it!" 

They rather not know.

They pay the money to be deceived and it doesn't matter to them the truth.

Because the truth is

If one isn't capable of forgiving the magician, they will choose to rest in the illusion of perfection of performance 

And this is the magical destruction of deception.


The magical lie laid bare for truth.

The broken relationships that lay waste to the tricks and magic of a person who lies.

And those that know the truth of what we expierenced?  Those of us who have been used and wooed and made something special until the magical spell has taken us aloft and spun us around enough times we are made dizzy and confused?

We become the beacons who learn to forgive.

We become the storytellers

The over-comers

The warriors


The fighters.

So this is how I begin to explain to "fear" as it mumbles and murmurs at me that I can't do it.  This is the attempt to tell you what I am about to unleash this year.

It's magical.

It's scary.

And it will take shake you.

Intentional Advent

 Advent:  noun.   the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. 

synonyms :  arrival, appearance, emergence, birth, rise, development.

This is the year of the truly intentionally embraced advent.  

A first introduction, the chocolate calendars Nanny would buy for us every year until she died. Then, the church I found with the wreath of candles that burned.  Four candles for each week before Christmas. Symbolizing  Hope, Peace, Joy, Love.  Then, a favourite author Ann Voskamp, wrote a book on these things... a twenty-five day journey into the preparation to the Advent.

And this year... things are different.  

I can declare, because I have seen the declarers glory-redemption story.

I know the change that words spoken can bring and I can expect to see it.

THIS, is the advent of change and as each day ticks by... I am counting.

Counting to see the redemption coming.

THIS is the time because the EXPECTATION is there.

All birth has a preparation period.

And so have we all seen the days on the calendar tick by until the last day of the last trimester has arrived, and yes...babies come into this world kicking and screaming, and sometimes we may cringe at the sound.  

Because the sound of birth can be painful, raw, honest, open and utterly beautiful. 

I believe it.

And I have been watching the days tick by, and the months, and years, and I know the eyes of those who want to arrive.  

And it's scary to believe and declare isn't it?

Because it means risk, and risk means possible hurt.

But where in the original advent did hurt take place?

The Christ-story knows no such pain.

The human hearts of course raised suspicion.  Unbelief and even laughter was made.

But Advent means

A Birth.
The Arrival.
Of a Person.
Of a thing.
Of an event.

And it starts with Hope.  A hope that trickles in and gives you the faith to believe....but to keep such Hope, you have to grab onto Peace, for that peace that follows a true believer is the peace that will bring you into a fuller sense of joy and what could be more joyful that to watch your cup overflow and spill love all over the broken cracks.

And that Advent.

That Advent that we all were looking for is birthed from love.

And I will greet my Advent with LOVE.

Intentional Peace

I sat in front of a panel of professionals.  Mentors whom have taken their energy to outpour into me…a twenty-four year old hopeful-dreamer.  There they sat with water before them, and I who sat down to listen.  

"Help me to be open to what they have to say."  I told God right before I walked in.  I didn't want my fears to be closed to something that my spirit needed to hear.

The words which flowed and the energy that surrounded me was like a God-embrace.  This wasn't an interrogation of talent, or a hostile one-on-one.  This was a prayer that I walked into.  The room was full of God-Glory and I heard the words and I am thankful.

"We want to see you open yourself up to a quiet confidence.  We want to see you take everything you have and trust it."

"Do you have any questions?"  They asked at the end.

"Questions?" I thought….Of course I was brimming with questions.  "Was I qualified?  What will I do after this?  DO you think I can make a difference with my art?"

But my Spirit was quieted and I out poured everything God was filling in my broken heart.  I accepted the peace of the moment and I let it go….I let it out pour in words. 

"I am so thankful to be here.  Everyday I am blessed by your teaching and your dedication to us…Thank you for creating a safe and beautiful environment for us to be this vulnerable."

I saw a reflection of tears in ones eyes and I knew I let myself be open.  I let peace flow through me…

"That is exactly what we meant.  That raw confidence."

And that was just a fifteen minute prayer-moment, but as I have taken in their words, and the words of another who took in my singing as a form of worship.

"I love your voice and your ability to sing… but I sense you are holding back… I encourage you to let go."

"This is a season in your life where God is right there….You just have to put your hand out."

And it all comes down to trusting and allowing peace to rest inside of us.

Standing on stage in any form and allowing the words to be the driving force.  My fears and my mind may get in the way but that peace…. that peace will be what carries us through.

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